About us 

Suwega Software Technologies. is a software development company established in 1998, Since its establishment, the company has achieved outstanding success in developing and delivering a stream of innovative products, services and solution in the given field. 

The success of Suwega Software Technologies exceeded all expectations, and the company got its first clients pretty soon. It was yet still the beginning. After all the trading software packages and platform became a success, the company started to receive feedback from the clients. Suwega Software Technologies develops innovative products, technologies and services based on the needs of our customers. We offer high quality services through agile or traditional methodologies by relying on the most talented pool of engineers and programmers. 

We work on diverse projects ranging from simple information systems and website to complex enterprise edition type architectures, PC or web-enabled application, traditional n-tier and service oriented architectures. We also offer consulting, designing, developing, implementation and ongoing support services.  

We follow three main rules to get out goals: do it on-time, do it within scope and offer the best service with the competitive cost.